Inspiration Worldwide


Si inaugura il 15 novembre alle ore 18.30 nella sala dedicata alle nuove proposte “Artisti Internazionali” del Micro (Viale Mazzini 1, Roma) la mostra personale della giovane pittrice Ucraina Juliya Delani. Intitolata Inspiration Worldwide, l’esposizione è presentata da Paola Valori per il progetto “NUOVE VOCI, FUTURO CONTEMPORANEO” che mira a mostrare e valorizzare i giovani talenti creativi stranieri, e alle contaminazioni tra le nuove generazioni.

La mostra propone una ventina di opere tra oli e acrilici su tela, quasi tutti inediti, e ripercorre la ricerca istintiva nel colore dell'artista nativa della città di Kiev, fin dagli inizi del processo di sintesi verso l’astrazione, per giungere poi al trionfo delle forme e cromie delle ultime opere. La mostra resterà aperta al pubblico fino al 25 novembre negli orari di galleria. ( dalle 10.00 alle 18.00 orario continuato, domenica chiuso).



“Art has been accompanying me since my early childhood. My first decent picture was born when I was a 7-year-old girl. I still remember that bouquet of three irises of a very beautiful purple color to the very detail. They were drawn from life, in my grandmother's garden.. My first fundamental series of paintings was born in cold and damp Saint Petersburg: that was the place where I aquired a strong sense of love, which in fact was set out in my paintings of that time”.

INSPIRATION WORLDWIDE 15-25 novembre 2018 | Roma, Viale Mazzini 1 | Riferimenti organizzativi: Paola Valori 347 0900625

On November 15, 2018, at 6.30 pm, Micro Arti Visive presents "Inspiration Worldwide”, Juliya Delani’s exhibition, a Ukrainian painter, native of the city of Kiev. The exhibition, presented by Paola Valori in the room dedicated to the new "International Artists”one of the  proposals of Micro (Viale Mazzini 1, Rome) is part of the project "NUOVE VOCI, FUTURO CONTEMPORANEO" which aims to show and enhance young foreign creative talents, and to the contaminations between the new generations. Inspiration Worldwide is a deep immersion in nature and color, accomplished by the artist through the stages of her travels around the world and in the places she loved the most. She indeed utilized colors referring to her journeys, such as the tiles of a mosaic take shape, the blues of unbounded Malaysia, the gold of the Saharan dunes, and the bright greens lush of Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, place of memory per excellent where the artist held her last exhibition. Then, the colors of Italy, the country the artist chooses as the initial stop of her traveling trip characterized by the dance of the water of the lagoon of Venice, or the fiery skies of the Roman sunsets. A journey through the artist’s life and imagination, filtered by the colors of the “landscapes of the soul”, recalling Kandinsky or other famous painters of the Russian tradition who were crossed by stimuli, influences and innovative movements, who taught to "see the invisible" in the full pictorial freedom of color and light. The selection of the artist involves fourteen paintings among the most representative of her art, including oils and acrylics on canvas, most unpublished and never shown in Italy before. Inspiration Worldwide will remain open to the public until 25 November 2018, and its part of a wider project that starts from Rome to reach other European cities: from Madrid, Barcelona, and Prague, to return to Italy as a final stage in 2019 at the European Cultural Center of Venice.

As part of the exhibition will be presented the collection of the artist couturier sara Pezzi, an area dedicated to the single piece, which is part of the project "Hands tell stories" designed by Paola Valori to promote the craft of innovation and design. The wine tasting is Castel De Paolis.